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Building Policies and Procedures

Approved July 19, 2018

Welcome to Bnai Israel Congregation!  We are a diverse community that embraces both Jewish tradition as well as the contemporary Jewish values of inclusiveness, and egalitarianism.

Here are the rules regarding the use of our facilities.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Synagogue office at (910) 762-1117.

1. We request that all persons maintain the dignity due to a House of God both in and around the Synagogue at all times.

2. Our sanctuary, minyan room, classrooms, Social Hall, kitchen and grounds are primarily for the members of our congregation and their families to serve their spiritual, educational and social needs.

3. Our facilities may be made available to other groups or organizations at the discretion of the Board of Directors.  Fees may apply.

4. No business meetings, rehearsals or functions other than those of an appropriate spiritual nature shall be held in the building on the Shabbat, High Holy Days, or on days of religious festivities.

5. Please do not use our name in the literature or publicity of an outside organization without prior approval of the President.  Persons and organizations are requested to show the Rabbi proposed invitations and/or publicity for any function to be held at the Synagogue, prior to general distribution.

6. Synagogue members, organizations or committees, including auxiliary groups of the Synagogue should notify the President and the Rabbi of all proposed dates for meetings or other activities in order to avoid scheduling conflicts. The Rabbi maintains the “Master Calendar” for the Synagogue.  All notices of upcoming events or other information must be approved by the Rabbi or President in order to be included on our website or membership emails.

7. Our property or equipment may be loaned only with the permission of the President.

8. No decorations, signs, bulletins or similar objects are to be tacked or taped to any part of the building without permission. Also, moving furniture or any Synagogue equipment should not be done without permission.

9. All persons, organizations or committees, including auxiliary associations of the Synagogue, that have permission to use any of the facilities of the building or grounds, should only use those areas or rooms assigned to their use and shall comply with all Synagogue rules and procedures.

10. Deliveries to and/or removals from the kitchens shall be made by appointment with the Secretary/Administrative Assistant.

11. Employees of the congregation (ie secretarial and janitorial) take direction only from the Rabbi, the President of the congregation, or a person duly authorized and designated by the President.

12. CLEANUP REQUIREMENTS: All persons or organizations and their caterers (where applicable) shall leave the facility, including all kitchen equipment, tables, chairs, utensils or other property, in a CLEAN AND UNDAMAGED condition, and shall remove all surface garbage from the premises immediately following the conclusion of the gathering or reception.

13. All persons and groups must use the Synagogue premises and equipment with due care. Any person or organization that damages our property or equipment while using it will be liable for the full costs (as determined solely by Bnai Israel) of any loss, equipment breakage, or damage.

14. We do not assume any liability or responsibility for damage or loss of personal property of others while on our premises.  Personal property, including motor vehicles, brought to or left on the premises is done so at the owners’ risk.  Bnai Israel Congregation is not responsible for injuries suffered by any person(s) using the facility.  Non Synagogue groups may be required to sign a release form before using the Premises.

15. All persons or organizations and their caterers (where applicable) using the facility shall be responsible for and does hereby release, indemnify, and hold Bnai Israel, its officers, board, members, and employees harmless for all costs, damages, liabilities, and expenses (including attorney fees) arising out of the use of the Synagogue facility.  

16. The President or his/her delegate may check that all rules and procedures are followed at the time of any function, and may take steps necessary to correct any non-conformity. The President or his/her delegate has the right to ask any person(s) to leave the premises because of inappropriate conduct.

17. These rules may, with approval of the Board of Directors, be amended or changed without notice, for the purpose of maintaining the building for the greatest benefit and safety of the synagogue membership.


Ritual Observance

1. The Synagogue is a Smoke Free zone.  Smoking is prohibited in the building and on the grounds at all times.  This includes all tobacco and e-cigarettes products.

2.  It is recommended that all people wear kippot and tallit in the Sanctuary on Shabbat morning and other holidays; however Kippot and tallit are required for men.  Anyone called to the bima must have his or her head covered and be wearing a tallit.  Baseball caps are not acceptable as head covering in the sanctuary.

3.  Children are always welcome at Shabbat and all services with appropriate adult supervision.  

4. Our strong preference regarding photography is that no pictures or videos may be taken in the Sanctuary or any place in the building on Shabbat, High Holy Days, or religious Festivals.  However, in the event of a special occasion, the Rabbi may grant exceptions on a case by case basis.

5. All cell phones should be turned off and out of sight on Shabbat, High Holy Days, or religious Festivals.  This applies inside the synagogue building and on the surrounding grounds outside.

6. Clergy other than those directly associated with the congregation shall be permitted to officiate at religious ceremonies in the Synagogue building only upon the express invitation of the Rabbi.

7. Our kitchen is kosher.  Anyone (including members and caterers) who plans to prepare food in the kitchen must send the Rabbi an email listing the entire menu.  The Rabbi will approve the menu or request additional information.

8. All foods, prepared or to be prepared, must be kosher and from store(s) approved by the Rabbi (list may be obtained from the office).

9. No prepared foods nor any cooking or baking utensils from private homes may be brought into the building.

10. If a non-catered Kiddush is to be prepared, arrangements should be made through theKiddish coordinator or the Secretary/Administrative Assistant.

11. Only caterers approved by the Rabbi are permitted to provide services on the premises.

12. All caterers may be required to provide a certificate on insurance to us, with evidence of Worker’s Compensation Insurance, and Comprehensive General Liability Insurance of not less than $1,000,000. Bodily Injury and Property Damage, naming Bnai Israel Congregation as an additional insured. Such certificate must be filed with the office at least two (2) weeks prior to the scheduled date of the catered event.


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