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Renovation Celebration Capital Improvement Campaign 2020/21


A hearty “THANK YOU” and “LAST CHANCE Request” from the Capital Campaign Committee

The Capital Campaign Committee is pleased to report that, to date, through the generosity and commitment of many of our members, $216,000 has been added to our Capital Improvement Fund. We are at 86% of our goal of $250,000 and are still hoping that in these next days/weeks those of you who have not made a pledge or contribution will dig deep and remember that we are supporting our building emergency fund. We were fortunate to have had enough in that fund to weather the infrastructure issues that plagued our 60-year-old building in the past few years. It is time to replenish that fund. Many of you showed your deep understanding of the importance of this campaign and stood up and were counted. Your generosity allowed for both the relief that comes with robust emergency funds, but also the spiritual joy and comfort our new sanctuary and its’ artistic components will offer all who pray under our (new & improved!) roof.

We will officially close the Capital Campaign after Rosh Hashana which gives you a very short time to make those last-minute pledges or donations. Do it today!! Find an item to sponsor that speaks to you or make a general pledge to the Campaign which will be appreciated just as much.

Below is a list of items that are still available to sponsor and a thank you list for all those generous B’nai Israel family members who have led us here today. Those who qualify for recognition on the donor wall will be contacted as we begin that project after the holidays.

On behalf of the Congregation and the Committee, please accept our deepest gratitude and appreciation.

Wishing all L’Shana Tovah and a sweet and HEALTHY holiday season,

Lyne Glaser

Chair, Capital Campaign Committee

VALUED Committee Members: Jon Alper, Alan Gerberg, Rena Goldwasser, Barbara Waxman, Barry Weiss, Laurel Westreich, Walter Winter,


To make a donation CLICK HERE



Coming soon here: An Update on Campaign Results  







We also acknowledge Bucky Stein for his generous contributions to

B’nai Israel Congregation Capital Renovations.


EVERY gift will be recognized in a written and digital format. Please note, gifts will NOT have name of donor/sponsor on or near the named items’ physical location.

Gifts of $5000 and above will be acknowledged on individual plaques.

Gifts of $1000 or above will be acknowledged on the 2020 Renovation Celebration Plaque, denoting the donor name (or “Anonymous” if desired), the item sponsored, and  limited wording requested by donor, for example; “Sound System donated by Mr. & Mrs. Maxwell Klaus in memory of their parents Sam & Mildred Levine and David & Lillian Klaus”

Gifts of $1000 or less will be recognized in written and digital communications to congregation.


To make a donation CLICK HERE


















Mon, June 27 2022 28 Sivan 5782