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Good Shepherd Update


Christmas and Covid Update


We have volunteered  again this year to prepare dinner at Good Shepherd for Xmas Eve. (Thursday, December 24th).  This will be in addition to our regularly scheduled 2nd Wednesday of each month, November 11th and  December 9th.  The new procedure at Good Shepherd for dinner service is designed to maintain social distance with both those helping prepare the meal as well as those who are eating.  Only residents for the night are provided with a meal which cuts the number of dinners from 80-100 down to 30-40.  Dinners are prepared then boxed for distribution and placed on a table for the nightly residents.  Of course masks, gloves hair coverings and aprons are required and frequent hand washing is encouraged for both overall sanitation as well as Covid safety.  We meet at the Good Shepherd Center at 4 o’clock and dinner is served at 6 pm.  There is always room for volunteers and I encourage anyone that feels comfortable to join in this “mitzvah” of literally feeding the hungry and less fortunate.  For more information or to volunteer please contact:

Alan Katz - – 910-228-8999

Kate at Bnai Israel Office -

Sun, September 26 2021 20 Tishrei 5782