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Welcome to Bnai Israel Congregation a Conservative Synagogue serving greater Wilmington, North Carolina


We are a diverse community that embraces the contemporary Jewish values of inclusiveness, and egalitarianism.

Please join us when you can and share in our warm and inviting Jewish-kite.


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Weekly Message from Rabbi Kozlow


July 13, 2017/19 Tammuz/5777

Israel is a tree; we are the leaves. It is the clinging to the stem that keeps us alive. There has perhaps never been a more need of Judaism than in our time, a time in which many cherished hopes of humanity lie crushed. We should be pioneers like our ancestors before us for the future of humankind depends on the realization that the sense of holiness is as vital as health itself. By following the Jewish way of life we maintain that sense and preserve the light for humankind's visions of the future.

AJ Heschel           

Dear Friends, 

Its been a busy week here at B'nai Israel as summer doesn't seem to slow the clock down one bit. In news from our front office, we are saying  goodbye to Aleeze Arthur our secretary of the last year.  We are truly grateful for her dedication and hard work on behalf of our congregation over these past months and we wish her only the very best. And as things go, we found the perfect replacement in Sharon Spivak, who along with her husband Jerry have recently joined our Synagogue. Sharon has extensive administrative experience in the Jewish world and has held leadership positions in more than one Synagogue in her time. Please stop by the office and welcome her. Thank you and goodbye to Aleeze and welcome to Sharon!

My writings for this week's letters are all about the strength and purpose of the Jewish people. I was so inspired this past Sunday at the UJA picnic at Hugh Macrae Park. So many of our Wilmington fellow Jews showed up and shared a meal, a smile, some laughter and friendship.  They came from our different synagogues, and many who were unaffiliated all together. It truly touched my heart to see us all together and transcending the idea of ourselves as separate from one another. We are all one family and how desperately we need opportunities to share time together just being friends. Yasher Koach to Marty and Deb Meyerson for having such a fabulous idea! We all salute you! Thank you to everyone who made the picnic such a fun and joyful event.  


 Please join us this coming Shabbat, Friday evening the 14th of July when Galen will be playing his beautiful guitar music as we visit during the Pre-Neg (5:30-6:30) before services begin at 6:30. Why not make dinner plans with your closest friends to enjoy once services are over. Settle into Shabbatwith our early service and then take the time left to enjoy friends over dinner. That's Shabbat at its best! 

Tue, July 25 2017 2 Av 5777