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Officers and Board of Directors


Bnai Israel Congregation Officers and Board of Directors are a group of dedicated, hard working volunteers who go the extra mile to ensure the successful operation of the Synagogue and its interests.


Synagogue Officers

President:                                Michelle Bannon


Vice President:                      Jon Alper


Vice President at Large     Carol Atwood


Treasurer:                                Bruce Moskowitz


Secretary:                                 Rena Goldwasser




Board of Directors

Harold Eichenholz

Diane Gerberg

Neil Harris

Scott Johnston

Ruth Smith

Steve Stein

Laurel Westreich

Walter Winter

Contact Information - Phone: (910) 762-1117  Email: 

Board Meetings - The Synagogue's Board meets regularly on the third Tuesday of each month at 4:30 pm.  Check the calendar for more details.

Congregational Meeting - Usually in November and April, presentations are made to the Semi-Annual Congregational Meeting by the President, Rabbi, Treasurer, and various committee chairs. This is a way for you to listen to the current status of affairs, participate openly,  and vote. This is also an opportunity to meet the Board members, Committee members, and other Congregants.  Watch the calendar for details. 

Sisterhood Co-Presidents

Diane Gerberg

Sherry Padva


‚ÄčMen's Club President

Efraim Jaronowski

Synagogue Staff


Administrative Staff


Administrative Secretary



Finance Administrator

Tina Sacramone


Media Consultant

Kristen Dorsey



Yvonne Jones


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