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Shabbat and Holidays



Worship services are held every Shabbat, both Friday evenings and Saturday mornings. Join us for Oneg following Friday services, and for Kiddush Luncheon following Saturday services. Check the calendar for special Friday Community Shabbat Dinners and "Prenegs" when social hour is held before services at an earlier time.

In general, Friday evening services begin at 8pm. Saturday morning services begin at 9:30am. However, check time information on the sidebar to the right, or click on "Calendar" in the navigation bar at the top of the page for up to date information on any special Shabbat service events with different start times.


Holidays and Festivals

Services are also held on all Jewish Holidays and Festivals. In general service time for evening Holiday service is 8pm.  Start time for morning Holiday service is 9am. Check the Calendar for specific dates and times for Holidays and Festival observances and services. 


High Holy Days

Check our bulletin, or contact the Synagogue office for details regarding seating for the High Holy Days. Service start times vary for Rosh Ha'Shanah and Yom Kippur so please check the Calendar. 


Office Closure


In conjunction with Conservative Judaism, our Synagogue Office and Gift Shop are closed on Shabbat, Jewish Holidays, and the High Holy Days.  At these times, the office telephone will not be answered.  The office is open on some Festival Days. Please check the Calendar.


Festival Photo Gallery


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