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Bnai Israel Education and Youth Programming


At Bnai Israel we offer a welcoming youth programming where children can engage and learn about the Jewish culture, heritage and religion.  From birth through high school graduation, the youth programs are inclusive of children from all types of jewish families. From social to education to community service to the arts, children, teens and families connect to the synagogue and Judaism in ways that best fit their personalities and schedule. 

We educate our young people in our texts and traditions to ensure a lively Jewish future for our people. The V'ahavta commands us: “V’shinan’tam L’vanekha, You shall teach them diligently to your children.” It is not enough, however, to simply impart text and tradition without meaning, context and connection to the world in which we live. A successful Jewish education must inspire, excite, challenge and delight the hearts and minds of our students. It must be relevant and authentic. We strive to make Judaism the lens through which each student can navigate through life and grow to be an engaged Jewish adult. 

Our engaging and child centered approach to Jewish learning provides a dynamic environment where Jewish education is joyous, fun, inspiring and spiritual. Our learning takes place inside our synagogue and our greater community. Traditional classroom learning is balanced with experiential learning, using music, art, nature, literature, and project based learning in order to deepen students’ understanding of our Jewish traditions, values and practices. 

We invite you and your child to take a fulfilling Jewish journey and discover learning that begins in this building and expands outward into your homes, our community and the world beyond. We will also journey within ourselves as we delve into the heart of what it means to center our lives around strong Jewish Values.




At Bnai Israel Congregation, we’re proud to partner with the Goldring/Woldenberg Institute of Southern Jewish Life (ISJL) to ensure our children an excellent Jewish education.

The ISJL is a regional, trans-denominational Jewish organization serving a thirteen-state southern territory. Our school is one of dozens of religious schools across this region sharing in the ISJL’s Curriculum, coming together each summer for the ISJL Education Conference, and getting visits from our ISJL Education Fellow.

TOT Program (ages Newborn to 5)

Introduce your child to a love of Jewish traditions through music and stories in a fun interactive environment from birth to five years old. A community of families with young children come together for a celebration of holidays, festivals, and overall cultural fun! 

This is an introductory program that offers our youngest learners their first taste of a Jewish classroom setting. Participating in Tot's is a great way for the entire family to make life long Jewish friends, get to know Rabbi Bender and teachers, and become part of the synagogue community!

Click here for the Tot Program Calendar and Registration Form

Hebrew School Program (Pre K - 7th Grade)

Over the course of their youth, children continue their understanding of Judaism. During this period the students will be learning about growing as a Jewish child.  They will begin their exploration of Jewish holidays, Tzedekah, Mitzvot, Torah, Israel, Hebrew, Jewish Life Cycle events, Prayer and more.  These classes actively engage with the congregation, services and their Jewish community.

As students continue to develop intellectually and spiritually, and prepare for the bar and bat mitzvah celebration, they will delve deeply into Jewish sources and critically examine core areas of Judaism: Torah, God and mitzvot.

Additionally, there are several socially oriented youth activities throughout the year. 

Click here for the Hebrew School Calendar and Registration Form

Hebrew High School Program (8th Grade - 12th Grade)

The High School Program celebrates young adult Jewish living, and prepares high school students for the challenges that await them as Jews on college campuses, and into the future. This program is an offering of additional religious study opportunities and social activities beyond traditional Bar/Bat Mitzvah study preparation. The classes are offered in the project based learning style, offering both flexibility and meaning for today’s busy teens.

Additionally, there will be a new BBYO chapter formed, to serve the teens of the Cape Fear Region.  Stay tuned for more information on this exciting enhancement to local Jewish Teen Life. 

Click here for the Hebrew High School Calendar and Registration Form


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