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Rabbi Chaya Bender

President Pam Sender


Saturday, June 15, 2024 / 9 Sivan 5784

Parashat Naso

Shabbat Kiddish sponsored by Weiss’ and Glasers in honor of Barry’s 60th Bar Mitzvah,

Pam and Barry’s 42nd Anniversary, Steve Glaser's Birthday, and Fran Weiss’ Yahrtzeit

Meeting ID: 840 5575 1022     Password: 296299    Mobile: 301-715-8592

Pages for Services are in Siddur Lev Shalem 

*Triennial reading-ETZ HAYIM-2nd Cycle

*Luah Hashana 5784: Rabbi Miles Cohen/Leslie Ruben: page 178

Pesukai DeZimra/Shaharit: Page 103 

Bar'khu: Page 149

Shabbat Amidah: Page 159 

Kaddish Shalem: Page 167

Torah Service:  Page 168

Open Ark:  Remove Torah: Page 171

Blessings for Torah Aliyot:  Page 172

Parashat Naso (Numbers) Page 796

Reader: Barry

1st Aliyah:   Page 796 5:11-15

2nd Aliyah:  Page 797 5:16-26

3rd Aliyah:   Page 799 5:27-6:4

4th Aliyah:   Page 801 6:5-8

5th Aliyah:   Page 801 6:9-15

6th Aliyah:   Page 802 6:16-21

7th Aliyah:   Page 804 6:22-27

Mi Sheberakh - Kaddish:  Pages 173/174

Maftir:  Page 804 6:22-27


Blessings before & after Haftarah: Page 175

Haftarah: Page 813 Judges 13:2-25-Barry Weiss

Prayer for the Congregation: Page 176

Prayer for our Country: Page 177

Prayer for the State of Israel: Page 178

Prayer for Peace: Page 178

Return Scroll to the Ark - Page 183

Musaf Amidah: Page 185

Kaddish Shalem - Page 203 

Ein Keloheinu - Page 204

Aleinu - Page 205

Yahrzeit list and Kaddish - Page 207


Adon Olam - Page 211

                               Mi Sheberakh - Prayers for the sick 

Dennis Abrahams

Jo Ann Alford

Tom Amrein

Mike Beaudoin

Howard Berkley

Thom Clemmons

Lauren Feig

Debbie Fenzel

Lauren Futch

Jacob Garrett

Gayle Ginsberg

Michelle Goodier

Andi Green

Marc Greenfield

Gail Grotsky

Dan Holniker

Avrum Isser

Cooper Jackson

Carol Jacobson

Robin Jaeger

Carol Jernigan

Ken Karp

Ashley Kelly

Jill Layton

Shirley Levine

Jacob Levtow

Anita Liebeskind

Sheri Malman

Roselle Margolis

Bertha Moody

Dwayne Moody

Morgan Orlick

Dennis Penzell

Pat Reilly

Joyce Renwick

Jeff Roberts

Lowell Safirstein

Mack Selzer

Peter Shemtob

Larry Sipple

Mickey Smith

Virgil Snowbender

Warren Wheeler

                                   We Remember Them

Neal Baker, Brother of Barbara Baker

Daniel Magnuison, Brother of Dr. Sherry Magnuson

Edward Neuwirth

Sarah Rabunsky, Grandmother of Roselle Margolis

Howard Lee Retchin, Son of Dan and Pearl Retchin

Sally Waxman, Mother of Robert Waxman



Jeff Baruc, June 14

Judith  Kurzer, June 16

Cindy Retchin, June 16

Tue, June 18 2024 12 Sivan 5784