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Rabbi Chaya Bender

President Amy Block Deloach

February 4, 2023

Shevat 13 5783

Shabbat  Parashat  B'Shallah - Page 399

Shabbat Shirah

The Shabbat of Song.  The Parashah contains Shirat Hayam, the song of celebration that Moses, Miriam, and the people of Israel sang after the successful crossing of the Sea of Reeds and the defeat of the Egyptian army by the hand of God.

Kiddish Sponsored by Sherry & Ira Padva in memory of Sherry's Mother, Rochelle Kaufman

 Meeting ID:840 5575 1022     Password: 296299    Mobile:  13017158592 

Pages for Services are in Siddur Lev Shalem ( Our New Red Siddur)

*Triennial reading-ETZ HAYIM-1st Cycle

Luah Hashana 5783: Rabbi Miles Cohen/Leslie Ruben: page 94

Pesukai DeZimra/Shaharit:   page 103 

Bar'khu: page 149

Shabbat Amidah: page 159

Kaddish Shalem: page 167

Torah Service:  Page 168

Open Ark:  Remove Torah: page 171 

Blessings for Torah Aliyot:  172

Readers:  Barry 1-3 Shai 4-5 Alan 6-M

Parashat  B'Shallah (Exodus) - page 399 13:17 

Aliyah 1 – page 399 13:17-22

Aliyah 2 – page 401 14:1-4

Aliyah 3 – page 401 14:5-8

Aliyah 4 – page 402 14:9-14

Aliyah 5 – page 403 14:15-20

Aliyah 6 – page 404 14:21-25

Aliyah 7 – page 405 14:26-15:26

 Mi Sheberakh – Kaddish Page 173/174

Maftir - page 412 15:22-26


Blessings before Haftorah:  page 175

Haftarah: page 424 Judges 4:4-5:31-Shai Abisch 

Prayers for Congregation/Community: page 176

Prayer for Country: page 177 

Prayer for Israel: page 178

Prayer for Peace: page 178

Ashrey: 181

Return Scroll to the Ark page 183

Musaf Amidah : page 185

Kaddish Shalem page 203 

Ein Keloheinu-page 204 

Aleinu- page 205

Yartzheit list and Kaddish- page 207


Adon Olam- page 211

Kiddush/Motzi-page 77

Mi Sheberakh - Prayers for the sick 

Lee Bell                                                         Stella Pawliske

Chris Chambers                                             Zee Reitblatt

Ken Densmore                                              Joyce Renwick  

Michael Densmore                                        Sharon Rothchild         

Lauren Futch                                                 Dennis Sender

Gayle Ginsberg                                             Larry Sipple

Betty Goodfarb                                              Faye Sobol

Ronni Greenblatt                                           Dina Waxman

Cooper Jackson                                             Shelly Weisman

Robin Jaeger                                                  Lois Wolf  

Carol Jernigan                                                 

Jacob Levtow

Beverly Maurice

Mike Oser 


We remember them...

Evelyn Hirz Chotiner, Mother of Gail Grotsky

Rochelle Kaufman, Mother of Sherry Padva

Guy Kenneth Osterneck

Lawrence Volk, Partner of Nancy Karselsky

Serena Stein Hallman

Nathan Stein, Father of Steve Stein

Louis Caplan

Yetta Leinwand Leder



Roberta and Harold Eichenholz          February 5th


Pearl Retchin                                        February 4th

Arlene Weinrich                                   February 8th

Reba Alper                                            February 9th

Diane Berberg                                       February 9th

Ellen Emard                                          February 9th



Mon, February 6 2023 15 Shevat 5783