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The Bnai Israel Men's Club was formed in 2003 with the express purpose to foster a sense of brotherhood and friendship for male members of the Congregation.

Our secondary purpose is to support the Congregation in religious, cultural, and social activities as well as fundraising events.

Our annual activities include sponsoring an Israeli Scout Friendship Caravan in the summer and putting up the Congregation's community Sukkah in the fall.

We encourage new members to get involved, meet the men of B'nai Israel and be part of our strong community. The Men’s Club members meet quarterly for a Sunday breakfast.

Join the Men's Club

The Men's Club is urging all male members of the Synagogue to please support the Synagogue by becoming members of the B'nai Israel Men's Club.  The Men's Club is now operating on a Jewish calendar basis so your $36 dues will cover the year starting with Rosh Hashana 2021 to Rosh Hashana 2022.  


B’nai Israel Men’s Club 2021-2022 Dues

The past year has been one full of challenges and hardships. Our plans to host the Israel scouts for August 2020 had to be cancelled and 2021 was not even an option. The pandemic hit our Synagogue with canceled in-person services and events just ONE WEEK before our scheduled Men’s Club Shabbat. We were considering having a Men’s Club Shabbat later in 2021 than our usual Spring schedule, but the uncertainty of resuming in-person services made us decide to wait until Spring 2022 to have our next Men’s Club Shabbat.

Despite the pandemic, we published the Yizkor Book of Remembrance for 2020. Partly due to the pandemic, along with other factors, we are changing our annual Membership from the secular calendar year to the Jewish calendar year. This means your $36 dues (yes, the annual dues is now $36) will make you an active voting Men’s Club member from Rosh Hashana 2021 to Rosh Hashana 2022.


Please contact Efraim Jaronowski, President of the BI Men's Club for more information at

It is time to renew or join the Men’s Club for 2021-2022. Dues are $36.00. Make your check out to B’nai Israel Men’s Club and send it along with the form below.

Efraim Jaronowski

1163 Forest Hills Drive

Wilmington, NC 28403


Membership Application Form






YIZKOR 2021-2022

Book of Remembrance 2021


The B'nai Israel Men’s Club will once again be publishing a Book of Remembrance for use during the 2021-2022 Yizkor Services starting with Yom Kippur on Sept 16, 2021. The cost for inclusion in the Yizkor Book is a donation of $10 per individual name memorialized. Deadline for inclusion in the booklet is Friday, September 03, 2021.

Please click the link provided and return the form shown below with a check made out to B’nai Israel Men’s Club to:


Click Here for the 2021 Yizkor Form



Sat, December 4 2021 30 Kislev 5782