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Ritual Rules and Etiquette

The following ritual rules and etiquette apply while in the Synagogue or at an off-site location where religious services are being conducted (such as a Shabbaton get-away, at the home of those in mourning, or at the cemetery).



All boys and men are required to wear a Kippah (head covering) at all times. Girls and women are not required but are encouraged to wear a head covering in the spirit of egalitarianism.  Anyone called to the Bema (platform at the front of the sanctuary) is required to wear a head covering, regardless of gender.



During all morning services and High Holy Day evening services, men are required to wear a Tallit (fringed prayer shawl). Women are not required but are encouraged to wear a Tallit during these services in the spirit of egalitarianism. During these services, anyone who is carrying the Torah, reciting its blessings, reading from the Torah, or chanting Haftarah is required to wear both a Kippah and Tallit, regardless of gender.


Electronic Devices

The use of photography, videography, mobile phones, or other electronic devices is prohibited during Shabbat, religious Holidays, and the High Holy Days. These devices may be used with discretion on Jewish Festivals (such as Hanukkah, Tu B'Shvat, and Purim), and on ordinary week days, however, their use is not permitted in the sanctuary unless authorized by Rabbi Kozlow. Please ensure that electronic devices are turned off before entering the sanctuary.



There is no smoking anywhere on the Synagogue premises. This includes all forms of tobacco products, vapor cigarettes, and electronic cigarettes.



Except for religious wear, prayer books, or other relevant reading material, do not carry any items into or out of the Synagogue during Shabbat, Holidays, or the High Holy Days. 


Financial Transactions

No financial transactions of any kind, including monetary gifts and donations, can be conducted anywhere on the premises during Shabbat, Holidays, or the High Holy Days.  



During Shabbat, Holidays, or the High Holy Days writing of any kind is prohibited. This includes entering text or data into a mobile device.


Dress Appropriately

During Shabbat, Holidays, and the High Holy Days avoid casual wear, such as shorts, sandals, t-shirts, and jeans.  Dress appropriately for the occasion and the season.


Talking and Noise

Out of respect of those praying or listening to a reading or sermon, keep discussion to a whisper. Whenever possible, keep young children quiet and with you at all times. In the event of an unavoidable outcry or other loud noise, please take the the child out of the sanctuary to get things settled down.


Clapping and Cheering

Please refrain from clapping or cheering during worship services. Congratulate the participants when appropriate and with little fanfare. 



Any deviation from or clarification of the above rules may only be authorized by Rabbi Kozlow.


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