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July 24, 2021

Av 15

Parashat  Va'ethannan (Deuteronomy) Chapter 5 page 1015*

Shabbat Nahamu


Shabbat Nahamu, the Shabbat after Tish’ah B’av, is the 1st of the 7 shabbatot of consolation leading to Rosh Hashanah.  This Shabbat takes its name from the 1st word of the haftoarah, Console yourselves”.

This parashah contains aseret hadibberot.  The Decalogue, Ten Commandments/Pronouncements, or our Covenant with G-d.  Tu Be’av is one of the most joyous days of the Jewish year.  Various happy events in Jewish history are associated with this day.

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Pesukai DeZimra/Shaharit:   page 103 

Shabbat Amidah: page 159

Continue Silently through 166

Kaddish: page 167

Torah Service:  Page 168

Open Ark:  Remove Torah

Blessings for Torah Aliyot:  172

Torah Readers:  1:Rabbi Bender  2-3: Ira Padva 

4-5: Alan Gerberg 6-M: Shai

Parashat  Va-Ethannan

Aliyah 1 – page 1015 5:1-18 (rise)

Aliyah 2 – page 1021 5:19-24

Aliyah 3 – page 1022 5:25-30

Aliyah 4 – page 1023 6:1-3

Aliyah 5 – page 1024 6:4-9

Aliyah 6 – page 1027 6:10-19

Aliyah 7 – page 1028  6:20-25

Misheberach – Kaddish Page 173/174

Hagbah Galilah: 

Maftir:      page 1028 6:23-25


Blessings for Haftorah:  page 175

Haftorah:  page 1033 Isaiah 401-26

Read by: Shai Abisch- in honor of the 60th anniversary of his Bar Mitzvah.

Mi-Sheh-Beyrah: page 176

Prayer for Country- page 177 

Prayer for Israel -page 178

Ashrey – 181

Return Scroll to the Ark page 183

D’var Torah - 

Musaf  Shabbat- page 185-192

Kaddish Shalem page 203 

Ein Keloheinu-page 204 Walter Winter

Aleinu- page 205

Yartzheit list and Kaddish- page 207


Adon Olam- page 211

Kiddush/Motzi-page 77

MI-SHEH-BEYRAH- Prayers for the sick 

Sydel Gluck

Cindy Throne

Faye Sobol

Heather Harris

Shirley Levine

Ira Nathan Sachs

Janice Kingoff

Adesha Edge

Kelly Cahill

Stella Pawliske

Chris Chambers

Ellen Emard

Bruce Engelson

Sherry Kenner

David Siegel

We Remember Them...


Samuel J. Morris-Father of Jeanne Lecker

Barry Kenneth Popkin-Brother of Greg Popkin

Harold Brian Wilson-Brother of Kathleen Meyerson

Sam Hartman

Hayes Hammerling-Cousin of Rabbi Bender

Ida Markowitz-Mother of Jack Markowitz

Irving Feit-Father of Gayle Ginsberg

Philip Rosenberg-Father of Warren Rosenberg

Goldie Levine-Grandmother of Steve Levine and Sharon Mechum


Birthdays and Anniversaries



Anita Liebeskind - 23 July

Billy Hirschen - 24 July

Jay Jacobson - 25 July

Alan Mandelstam - 26 July

Mike Medress - 29 July

Linda Levy - 29 July


Thu, July 29 2021 20 Av 5781